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With 142 years of history, AVS is one of the leading innovators in its industry's realm. AVS is a symbol of experience, stability, steady growth and a forward looking management style. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of representing a host of global organizations in Pakistan and continue to do so today.Cognizance of market needs in today's dynamic economic sphere, business foresight, entrepreneurship, organizational stability and vision have contributed to customer satisfaction, an ever expanding client more
  AVS Group of Companies

AVS carries out much of the older businesses of the parent company. It is engaged in marketing of industrial plants and products and financial structuring and management of contracts to the last stages of implementation.
Tapal Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. is a subsidiary primarily holding responsibility for management of working capital and financial engineering of cash intensive projects.

Industrial Engineering and Construction Ltd. was formed to carry out industrial installation activities. It holds to its credit major electrical and mechanical works at power plants set up by WAPDA in former East and West Pakistan during the 1960s.

Tapal Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd. has been recently formed to enable concerned business managers realize the growth potential this business holds. The current textile chemicals business is a thriving one, supplying textile auxiliaries to majority of the textile mills in Pakistan. Upon implementation of diversification strategies it is expected to cater to a particular market niche for specialized chemicals.

Tapal Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. was one of the first few private sector companies to receive a Letter of Support for power generation. TEL was developed with Wartsila Group, which is already a well-known name in the power sector in Pakistan. The 126mW diesel power plant commenced commercial operations in June 1997.
    AVS Today

The 1971 war with India and the subsequent separation of East Pakistan caused major losses to companies with business interest in the eastern wing. AVS, too, suffered a setback, in terms of loss of revenues from the shipyard as well as loss of a growing market. The The company, however, proved to be resilient and began to recover rapidly.
  During the 70s, power plant generation plants of KESC and WAPDA. Industries that came up during this period (rice processing, sugar, fertilizer and chemicals) were equipped with AVS supplied products.

With macro economic policies geared favourably towards privatization,
  liberalisation of imports and decentralization AVS’s share in the private sector grew. To cater to competitive market forces and consistently improve responses to customers, AVS reorganized its businesses and set up semiautonomous divisions carrying total responsibility for specific businesses. The central AVS management has retained a synergistic role, to ensure that common resources are shared appropriately, organization goals are clear and strategic business decisions are taken and implemented.
The company is staffed by over 100 persons of whom about 60% are experienced engineers or technicians. Various software systems are in use extensively for accounts, finance and sales, thereby allowing a faster response time and easier information retrieval. People retention is high as company policies are designed around goal achievement, work satisfaction and an encouraging environment. more
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