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About Us  

With 142 years of history, AVS is one of the leading innovators in its industry's realm. AVS is a symbol of experience, stability, steady growth and a forward looking management style. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of representing a host of global organizations in Pakistan and continue to do so today. Cognizance of market needs in today's dynamic economic sphere, business foresight, entrepreneurship, organizational stability and vision have contributed to customer satisfaction, an ever expanding client base and a prominent position in the market. AVS is known as a corporation that makes a difference, keeping up tradition with innovation. 

AVS Methodology

At AVS, our central focus is to ensure that all our clients requirements are met. The clients needs are reassured at every stage of the process to guarantee satisfaction. This method allows us to have a flexible development process which can be catered to meet each unique clients needs. 

Quick Glance at AVS

AVS was established in 1867 in Karachi, in the then undivided subcontinent. Initially AVS dealt with
 the supply of light engineering products. Over the years, the product line gradually increased and coverage also began to expand beyond Karachi. The founding fathers and subsequent generations have since then made their mark on the country's industrial progress by their entrepreneurship and innovative business activities. 

AVS Group of Companies

AVS carries out much of the older businesses of the parent company.  It is engaged in marketing of industrial plants and products and financial structuring and management of contracts to the last stages of implementation.

Tapal Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. is a subsidiary, primarily holding responsibility for management of working capital and financial engineering of cash intensive projects.

Industrial Engineering and Construction Ltd. was formed to carry

Past and Present

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