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  Atlas Copco - GA 11- 30VSD Oil Injected Rotary Screw Compressors  
Atlas Copco pioneered the GA Variable Speed Drive compressors, offering the capability to match perfectly compressor capacity to air demand. A GA VSD compressor is able to follow the fluctuating demand by varying the speed of its drive motor. As air demand goes down, the GA VSD lowers the delivered flow and consequently the power consumption. This is the key feature of the GA VSD compressors. They reduce the energy consumption to a minimum by avoiding completely unloaded power consumption and save up to 22 % on the total life cycle cost.

Atlas Copco designed the GA VSD range according to the "WorkPlace Air System™" concept, offering the possibility to move the compressor out of the conventional compressor room to the point of use. This concept has been made possible thanks to the extremely low noise levels and the integration of the optional ancillaries such as air and condensate treatment.
The GA 11-30 VSD units are delivered to the site equipped with oil and ready to go. To start the operation, just plug in the compressor to its power source.

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Control and Monitoring

Elektronikon®: a superior electronic control, monitoring and communication system
The Elektronikon operating system provides control and monitoring to increase your compressor�s efficiency and reliability. Easily expanded with extra sensors, digital inputs and internet communication functions, the Elektronikon can be adapted to your specific needs � offering simple, central monitoring and control of up to four compressors (Energon). For optimal ease of use, the display can be set to 27 different languages. To maximize energy efficiency, the Elektronikon controls the main drive motor and regulates system pressure within a predefined and narrow pressure band. With a simple push of a button, you can remote start and stop, load and unload the compressor.
1. Energon
The Elektronikon’s Multiple Compressor Control (Energon) centrally controls up to four compressors simultaneously. The result is a substantial reduction in system pressure and energy consumption, in addition to minimal compressed air leakage and a more stable pressure across the network.
2. Dual pressure set point  
The production process creates fluctuating levels of demand which can create energy waste in low use periods. The Elektronikon can manually or automatically create two different system pressure bands to optimize energy use and reduce costs at low use times.
3. Delayed second stop  

The sophisticated Delayed Second Stop (DSS) runs the drive motor only when needed. Because the Elektronikon maintains the desired system pressure while minimizing the drive motor run time, energy consumption is kept at a minimum.
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