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Atlas Copco - GA 7-11 VSD Oil injected rotary screw compressor


Superior pressure regulation lowers working pressure, reduces system leaks and maintains system pressure within 0.1 bar (1.5 psi).

Dramatic savings on installation, operation and maintenance due to the full integration of air and condensate treatment.

Receiver mounted, standard 270 liter, offering additional savings on installation with reduced overall system pressure drops and leaks.

Advanced electronic control featuring the Elektronikon® regulator with electronic gearing and multiple compressor control possibilities built in



Atlas Copco designed the GA VSD range according to the "WorkPlace Air System™" concept, offering the possibility to move the compressor out of the conventional compressor room to the point of use. This concept has been made possible thanks to the extremely low noise levels and the integration of the optional ancillaries such as air and condensate treatment.

The GA 7 - 11 VSD units are delivered to the site equipped with oil and ready to go. To start the operation, just plug in the compressor to its power source.

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