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Atlas Copco - GA 132-180-315 VSD Oil injected screw compressor

The GA132-180 and 315 VSD (variable speed drive) is a single-stage rotary screw compressor range directly driven by a variable speed drive electric motor.

The compressor delivers pulsation free air. By continuously matching the speed of the drive motor to the air net pressure, the compressor optimises energy consumption and reduces the operating pressure bands.


The range is available as air cooled or water cooled. A Full Feature version is also available where a refrigerant dryer is installed, integrated in the bodywork. A dryer bypass is installed as standard on the Full Feature machines. The GA315 VSD has an integrated VSD dryer as well.

Variable Speed Drive Regulation

The GAVSD compressors optimise the power consumption and reduce the operating pressure band by matching the motor speed to the air net pressure.

The regulator will continuously vary the motor speed, thus maintaining the net pressure as close as possible to the programmed set point. The pressure fluctuations will then be very low.

There is no setting of load/unload pressure, only programmed set point.

The motor will stop and start in accordance with the air demand. The speed varies according to the net pressure:

  • If the net pressure is higher, the speed is decreased.

  • If the net pressure is lower, the speed is increased




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