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Atlas Copco - GA 30-90VSD Oil Injected Rotary Screw Compressor


Assured Reliability


The GA is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 1217, Ed. 3, Annex C. The latest generation of Atlas Copco’s patented oil-injected screw element, powered by a maintenance-free drive system, ensures a long and trouble free life at the lowest operating cost. Engineered to provide reliability even in ambient temperatures up to 55°C/131°F, the GA takes reliability to a new level.


Reduced Energy Costs

The cost of compressed air can represent over 40% of your total electrical costs. Atlas Copco wants to help you spend less. Our GA VSD (Variable Speed Drive) compressors can reduce energy costs by an average of 35% and overall compressor lifecycle costs (LCC) by an average of 22% by tuning compressor capacity to the air demand. The resulting energy savings have a substantial environmental impact, reflecting Atlas Copco’s dedication to safeguarding a healthy future for the generations to come.

Air System Integration

The GA brings the compressed air system to where you need it: the point of use. Its low noise operation and integrated air treatment equipment eliminate the need for a separate compressor room – reducing piping costs and internal system pressure drop. GA compressors are delivered ready for use, reducing installation costs to a minimum.

Maintaining a pipe network is cumbersome and costly. Besides the pressure drop over the pipe network, experience shows that leakages of up to 10 % of the total compressor capacity are not unusual. The "WorkPlace" concept offers the possibility to eliminate this unnecessary power consumption and save money.

The GA 30-90 VSD Series Is Available As:
  • Air or water cooled versions
  • WorkPlace or WorkPlace Full Feature (including dryer) versions
  • High ambient versions (up to 50 °C, 145 °F).

 Superior performance, cuts energy costs by more than 35%

 Due to the variable speed drive technology, air demand and  compressor capacity can be perfectly matched, avoiding unloaded  power consumption completely

 Very precise pressure control

 The GA VSD can keep the pressure within a ± 0.1 bar band. This  results in even more energy savings as every 0.5 bar reduction in  delivery pressure reduces the power consumption by 3%

 Pressure flexibility due to electronic gearing

 The GA VSD allows the user to choose any delivery pressure  between 4 and 13 bar without needing to change gears or belts

 Outstanding electrical characteristics

 The GA VSD draws no starting current peaks and has a high  power factor, thus avoiding penalties from electricity companies

 Low noise level

 The use of a radial low speed fan and modern techniques of   vibro- acoustic optimisation has resulted in extremely low noise   levels

 All-in-one packages

  All air and condensate treatment equipment can be integrated   into the compressor package, thus reducing installation costs and   floor space requirements to a minimum.


Control and Monitoring

Elektronikon®: a superior electronic control, monitoring and communication system

Atlas Copco's patented Elektronikon® is an advanced, microprocessor based, real-time operating system with an ergonomic user interface




• Protects the compressor pro-actively by means of service and warning indication

 Energy efficiency

• Precise pressure control for optimal efficienc

 User friendliness

• Utilizes internationally recognized symbols to communicate status • Allows settings of operating parameters • Operating status and actual data read-ou

 Ease of service

• Automatic indication when service is required, minimizing downtime and simplifying maintenance plannin

 Digital remote control and monitoring

• Possibility of starting/stopping the compressor remotel


• Remote communication via computer is possible with an optional upgrade of Elektronikon regulator: CAN connection, ModBUS/ProfiBUS interface, Air monitor interface to worldwide we

 Compressor room control and monitoring

•Multiple compressor installations can benefit from a centralised control system, which coordinates the operation of the individual compressors and ancillaries. From simple sequencing to complete compressor room monitoring Atlas Copco is able to offer it all using the latest state of the art communication technology.



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