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Atlas Copco - GN 4-18 GN dual Output Compressor

Atlas Copco ’s GN dual Output compressor generates nitrogen and compressed air simultaneously. Unique in the industry, the GN is one solution for both air and nitrogen.

The right quality nitrogen

The GN offers an assured flow and purity of nitrogen, regardless of changing workplace conditions. With its integrated membrane technology, the GN provides a constant flow of nitrogen even in high compressed air use


Reliable Compressed Air

The GN’s efficient engineering maximizes air flow and reduces energy use, while its integrated dryer provides quality air to preserve tools and equipment. With the rotary screw compressor’s low noise operation, the GN can also be installed close to the point of use to reduce piping costs. With the added assurance of Atlas Copco’s experienced service team, the GN makes light work of heavy demand.

The dual output solution

The GN dual Output compressor is the single solution to nitrogen and air production. Fully integrated and unique in the industry, the GN produces the right quality of nitrogen and air simultaneously from one compact unit.

Premium performance

Dependable flow

With an internal heater and a nitrogen membrane designed for each compressor, the GN provides a constant flow of nitrogen in changing workplace conditions. The GN also produces a stable flow of compressed air even when producing high levels of nitrogen


Assured quality

The GN provides the right nitrogen purity even in fluctuating conditions or heavy compressed air usage.

Minimal installation costs

With dryers, filters and nitrogen membrane completely integrated into one unit, the GN takes up minimal space and reduces installation time and costs. The GN’s low noise also allows it to be placed right at the point of use. This eliminates the need for a dedicated compressor room and costly piping to the work floor.


Low energy use

Innovative rotary screw technology offers low energy usage even when producing nitrogen and compressed air simultaneously – saving costs across the production

Nitrogen : High performance tyre inflation

Minimize fuel consumption

A tyre should be properly inflated at all times to ensure good road contact. Oxygen molecules escape quickly through tyre rubber. The resulting pressure loss will affect fuel use as the tyre loses full contact with the road. Nitrogen stays in the tyre longer, stabilizing the tyre’s shape to lower fuel consumption.

Improve tyre life

Compressed air can create oxidization of the rubber which will increase tyre wear. Air also escapes easily from the tyre - reducing pressure and creating uneven wear. As an inert gas, nitrogen doesn't oxidize the rubber, contributing to longer tyre life. Because nitrogen does not escape from the tyre as quickly, it creates a more even level of wear and decreases maintenance

Increase safety and driving comfort

Fluctuating temperatures cause the air inside a tyre to expand and contract – affecting performance and increasing the risk of a blowout. Nitrogen disperses heat more easily to keep the tyre cooler. it also maintains the right tyre pressure longer, minimizing the danger of skidding and improving comfort, handling and safety even further.

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