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Atlas Copco SF Oil-free Orbiting Scroll Compressor 


The Atlas Copco SF scroll series relies on a radically new technology, ensuring economy in operation, extremely quiet running, minimum servicing and space saving, thanks to its simplicity and compact design. It is equipped with a highly efficient IP55 class F electric motor.


These compressors from Atlas Copco have a minimum of maintenance requirements, 10,000 running hours practically without maintenance while intermediate routine operations remain restricted and easy to perform. Perfect for both point-of-use and regular compressor room installations, these small units deliver a high performance with minimal maintenance.

All compressors are manufactured in accordance with Atlas Copco's Quality and Environment Management System. This system complies fully with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. All Atlas Copco dryers are tested to perform under the most demanding conditions.



For the Atlas Copco Elektronikon control and monitoring system, special software was developed - the Multi Scroll Compressor Controller (MSCC). The MSC gives sequential operation and gradual capacity control resulting in energy savings.


The electronic regulator guarantees a smooth start-up of the air ends with tiny intervals eliminating starting current peaks but allowing operation from zero to full capacity in the minimum of time. The running hours are equally balanced over the different core units.

The control algorithm keeps the air net pressure within a given narrow pressure band by which the system can handle parameters to meet customer specifications.

The alphanumeric display, programmable in different languages, gives instant read-outs of the operational data and status of the core units.

Vital functions are continuously scanned, thereby controlling the overall functionin


Atlas Copco SF-Mono:

A complete scroll compressed air package, integrated into a super insulated canopy cutting back noise levels to 55 dB(A) (SF1).
Atlas Copco SF-Mono Full Feature:

Atlas Copco Scroll pack units equipped with an integrated refrigerant dryer.
Atlas Copco SF-Skid:

These types are mounted on a skid frame to be installed as a compressed air source direct at the required spot or easily integrated into an existing air network.
Atlas Copco SF-Skid receiver mounted:

Consists of a single Atlas Copco scroll module mounted on a 270 liter CE approved air receiver.
Atlas Copco SF-Twin receiver mounted:

A tandem installation of Atlas Copco scroll modules on a 500 liter CE approved air receiver.
Atlas Copco SF-Multicore:

Between two and four compressor modules are integrated into one canopy build up.

These units are available as Pack and Full Feature variants with integrated refrigerant dryer and are equipped with foolproof



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