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Tapal Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. generates 126 MW of electricity, adding to the KESC currently installed capacity of 1800 MW.  The project entered construction stage in the 3rd quarter of 1995 and was completed at a fast track, within 14 months to start operation in 1997.

The project was initially conceived by AVS and brought to fruition by coordinated efforts of Wartsila, Wartsila Development and Financial Services OY (WDF). Wartsila is a company that has built power plants in Pakistan for over a decade.  It is the world’s largest manufacturer of medium-speed engines and is noted for its reliable and highly competitive products. It has an established and expanding base in Asia, due to its quick project turnaround, technology alternatives and flexibility in adapting to local needs.

WDF carries out financial structuring mainly of private sector power projects and also conducts negotiations with governments, utility companies and fuel suppliers to facilitate quick closure and expedite implementation.  Its main offices are in Finland and USA.

Wartsila Netherlands NL (WNL) manufactured the engines for this project at their plant in Zwolle. WNL have vast background for production of prime movers for land-and barge-mounted diesel power plants as well as marine propulsion engines.  The 38 series of engines supplied to Tapal energy (Pvt) Ltd are of state-of-the-art design, extremely reliable and cost effective and economical in operation.

The turnkey contract for the project was awarded to Power Construction Company NL (PCC) from The Netherlands. Civil, electrical and mechanical works were subcontract by PCC to companies holding a credible construction record in Pakistan.  Supervision and commissioning was carried out by WNL, while operation and maintenance of the plant was carried out under a contract with Sithe.

AVS, Wartsila, Marubeni Corporation, Japan and Sithe Energy Inc., USA hold the equity in TEL. In June of 2004 the project will be debt free.
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